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Anabaptists and the Reformation
by Chris Good, 1997  
[HTML 101KB]
Tracing the history of the Anabaptist movement at the time of the Reformation, and drawing lessons from a Reformed Baptist perspective, for today.
Calvinism in the Emerging Church in New Zealand
by Mike Beck, 2009  
[PDF 153KB]
A paper presented at a Calvin Symposium hosted by Grace Theological College in Auckland. 
Common Charismatic Criticisms of Biblical Testing
by Chris Good, 2003  
A series of articles answering the criticisms levelled by Charismatics against those who desire to examine modern Charismatic claims under the searchlight of God's word. 
Constitution of the Fellowship of Reformed Baptist Churches in NZ
May 2003  
[PDF 11KB]
The constitution of the Fellowship which was inaugurated on 7 May 2005 (see below). 
Feed My Sheep
by John A Haverland, 2000  
[Acrobat 855KB]
A pdf version of John Haverland's important book on preaching the Gospel in a Postmodern New Zealand Society, published by Grace & Truth Publications, a Reformed Baptist publishing house.
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Fellowship of Reformed Baptist Churches in New Zealand
[two MP3 files]
On 7 May 2005 the Fellowship of Reformed Baptist Churches in New Zealand was inaugurated. Here are a history of the churches and the inaugural sermon.
Fellowship News
compiled by Maria Hughes, 2003 and following  
Current bi-monthly newsletter of the New Zealand Reformed Baptist Churches.
Grace & Truth Magazine
edited by Dafydd Hughes, 2000-2002  
Former bi-monthly magazine of the New Zealand Reformed Baptist Churches.
Grace Baptist Mission Herald article on NZ
by Derek & Jacki French, 2000  
[Acrobat 928KB]
An article on the visit of Derek and Jacki French to New Zealand in March 2000, describing the Reformed Baptist churches at which they had meetings. (please be patient as the file downloads!)
How to read the Bible
by Chris Good, 2007  
[Acrobat 53KB]
A brief guide for those new to the Bible.
My Sunday Worship Book
by Jeanne Marshall, 1999  
[Acrobat 127KB]
Designed to help children benefit from the Family Worship Service at church, this useful file provides an explanation of what worship is, together with worksheets for children to use during the service.
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Reformed Baptist Churches in New Zealand
GBM 2000  
[Media Player 854KB]
In March 2000 Derek French from Grace Baptist Mission toured New Zealand. During his visit he interviewed Dafydd Hughes about the church in Christchurch and the Reformed Baptist churches in New Zealand generally.
Since You Asked
by Kevin Gore, 2003  [Acrobat 127KB]
A pastor answers those who question his departure from the Dispensational interpretation of the Bible, through an explanation of the five pillars of dispensational theology and his reasons for disagreeing with them.
Thank you, Father
by Robyn Good, 1999  [HTML 14KB]
A new song of thanksgiving to God, based on Romans 8:26
This We Believe
by Stuart Olyott,
A page of excellent audio messages by a well-known UK pastor, author and Bible College teacher. 
What is going on in those other churches?
by David Marshall, 2000  [HTML 8KB]
A local pastor reports on the way other churches in his city are conducting their Sunday worship services.
Why We Worship The Way We Do
by Chris Good, 2006  [HTML 18KB]
Brief reasons and principles for the worship practices in our churches.
(click here for pdf format file - 80KB)


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